Glossary for Mentors
Caseworker – Staff employed by The Children's Home with specific responsibilities of coordinating the child’s outside relationships and assuring that the child’s plan of care and service is implemented.
Child Care Staff – See Houseparents.
Children’s Protective Services – The governmental agency holding managing conservatorship of many of the children in care at the Home. Each child placed at the Home by CPS ha an assigned CPS worker to monitor the child’s care and progress while at the Home. (Also known as CPS)
Houseparents – There are two different models for staffing cottages at the Children’s Home. The traditional model is generally a married couple that serves as surrogate parents for the children that live in their cottage. In some cases a single person may serve in this role. The second model is to staff the cottage with shift workers. On campus, shift workers are referred to as staff by the children while the traditional model staff continue to be referred to as houseparents.
Managing Conservator – The person or agency that has legal custody of the child. Generally this is not The Children's Home or a member of its staff.
Program Supervisor – The Children's Home staff person assigned administrative responsibility for the mentor program.
Supervising Staff – The supervisor of the staff for one or more cottages. Also referred to as Unit Director.
Unit Director – The supervisor of the staff for one or more cottages. Also referred to as Supervising Staff.